Saturday, February 13, 2010

Writing for Fun and Profit

So I've managed to make huge steps in the "writing for fun and profit" venture over the last couple of weeks.

I signed up for the Cracked Comedy Workshop run by the irreverent humor site I immediately submitted a pitch to the workshop, and I immediately got shot down. The thing is, I had no idea all the work and intelligence that goes into a Cracked article! (Feel free to laugh, but next time you're reading one, take a closer look. You'll see what I mean.) I thought the whole thing was just making fun of movies and talking liberally about various parts of the human anatomy, but boy, was I wrong. It takes a lot of research to make an article that meets the Cracked standards, and a lot of time and effort. Which I will keep in mind as I continue to pitch in the future.

I wonder if this means that I have to start being funnier in my posts? God, I hope not. Being funny is hard work.

I also applied to and was accepted by Break Studios, which provides content for sites such as, MadeMan, Holy Taco, and others. So far, I've submitted several articles for publication on MadeMan. We'll see what happens there.

And of course, I'm still writing about anything and everything over on my Squidoo pages. Not a huge amount of profit there to date, but I'm working on it.

Overall, the cash I've earned so far from my freelance writing has yet to pay the bills, or even pay for any fancy dinners. I could perhaps scape together enough to buy a couple of fast food hamburgers out of the loose change I've made. However, the fun factor is definitely there. What other jobs could you get simply by talking about your amazing travel jobs and crazy life adventures?
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