Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Job Posting: Looking for Education, Healthcare, Technology Writers

A company that I work with is looking for people with Internet/SEO writing experience to write blogs, articles, and guides on the subjects of technology, healthcare, and education on a freelance basis.

It's a great company to work with, and the types of projects they have are never spammy - they require high-quality, unique, well-written content. And also fast turnaround times, so make sure that you're good working with tight deadlines.

I have a lot of respect for this company, so if you're interested, I'll want to see samples and talk with you on the phone to make sure you're legit.

One last note - I'm always looking to connect with high-quality writers, so if you write about topics other than the ones I've mentioned, I'd still be interested in chatting. Check out my "About Me" page to find my contact info.