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Jennifer Wylie's Blog

Useful blogs for writers:

The Blood-Red Pencil: Information about writing by authors, editors, and publishers.
It's Not All Gravy: A blog by Maryann Miller, journalist for over 30 years.
L.J. Sellers: Mystery and suspense novelist, and also editor.
Straight From Hel: Writing and publishing advice from freelance novel editor Helen Ginger.
The Old Silly's Free Spirit Blog: Writer and editor Marvin Wilson shares his views.
Artful Hatter: "Books, literature, pulp, & other blathering banalities."
Awkward Pegasus: The "Pretentious Points" section is an excellent resource for helping in story creation.

Useful stuff for writers:

Fake Name Generator
How To Get A Book Published (Successfully!)
Review of Online Writers' Groups
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Local Writers' Organizations (By State)

Useful techie stuff:

Google Keywords Tool
Random Word Generator
The Barebones Guide to HTML
Website Grader

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