Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Naming Characters with Baby Names

Just found something interesting today that made me smile. It was an example of someone modifying a website designed for one purpose to suit another, and I thought that it was great.

I don't know about the rest of the writing population, but often when I'm stumped for character names I turn to the wonderful Baby Names website. (Heaven forbid my boyfriend catches me on the site without an explanation!) Anyway, it's a great tool that can be used many ways. For example, you can simply browse through the lists of names for inspiration. Or you can use the advanced search function, which allows you to search for names by gender, meaning, origin, and more.

So what did I notice today at the top of the advanced search page? A link to a page written specifically for writers looking to pick character names! Is that genius, or what? The tips here are useful, and the comments section provides well-written and thoughtful ideas about naming characters.

Who would have thought? Congratulations, Baby Names, for observing a trend and creating something helpful for us writers!
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