Monday, September 29, 2008

Twitter Tag

Heh heh, I've been tagged by Marvin over at the Free Spirit blog. I love tag! Brings back good memories of running around the ol' Sappy Tree in fifth grade. Back when kids still had recess...

So now, I'm supposed to write six things about me that you probably didn't know. Let's see here...

1.) I went to Jaipur in India a couple of years back to attend a week-long India wedding, complete with elephants, monkeys, thousands of wedding guests, and a several hour long production put on by the wedding party. Now THAT was a mind twist! Street food = good, pit toilets = not as bad as you'd think.

2.) Odds were strongly against my conception. My mom was a Norwegian nursing student, and my dad was a British broadcast engineer stopping in Norway to work on a project for a day when they met at a disco. Both were, at the time, married to other people (though in the process of separating). My mom stood outside the disco waiting to get in with her friends. The rest of her friends decided not to wait and left, but she stayed and ended up getting in. She saw my dad sitting at the bar and invited him to join her. The rest is history!

3.) I know how to chop kindling, light a woodstove, use a lathe and a mill, operate a band saw, install a faucet, defrag a computer, throw a clay pot on a wheel, forge a letter opener, weave, shoot a handgun, frame a house, search for cloudberries and chantarelles, edit a video, write a software manual, lost wax cast, make jewelry out of precious metal clay, build a tornekake, bake yorkshire puddings, and brew homemade dandelion wine. But I can't drive a stick shift.

4.) I named my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ramona Rae. Actually, she named herself. I just listened.

5.) I lived in seventeen houses before I turned 25.

6.) I've been recorded professionally singing and playing the guitar for songs I've written. You can't listen to the songs, though. They still need work ;)

Okay, and here are the people I tag:
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