Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Page (Protector of the Small) Reviewed

Page (Protector of the Small) Page by Tamora Pierce

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Everyone should read Tamora Pierce. Not just fantasy readers, not just young readers, but anyone who enjoys a good tale. And who doesn't? If you've read Tamora Pierce, then you already know what I mean.

Tamora never tries to win an award for the most confuscated use of the English language. She never lets language get in the way of her story. She writes her books in a simple, honest way to hook her readers into a fascinating tale. And she succeeds brilliantly in doing so.

In Page, Tamora Pierce gets back to the very essence of storytelling - a young hero must prove herself in the face of seeming unbeatable odds to achieve her goal. In this case, the hero is a female page struggling to gain her knighthood. Tamora is not afraid to touch on difficult subjects such as discrimination, abuse, and death. She creates strong, unique female heroines who fight against oppression, and yet the appeal of her books is not limited to a female audience. Who among us has not felt held down by seemingly unbeatable odds? Who has not wished for the strength to pursue an impossible-seeming dream? Tamora's characters pursue their dreams with strength and grim determination, and in doing so, make us believe that we too can achieve our dreams if we stick by them.

I read Tamora's books as a child and found myself unable to put them down, and even a decade later I get the same thrill as her characters fall in love, escape from danger, or rush into battle. Rare is the author who can so completely captivate a reader's attention.

It's no wonder that Tamora's books have all recently been re-released. And to boot, Tamora is kind to fans and frequently appears at conferences, book-signings and conventions! If you're looking for a new author to love, look no further.

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