Monday, September 22, 2008

New Feature on The Blood-Red Pencil Blog

Have you checked out The Blood-Red Pencil blog yet? If you're a writer looking for advice on editing (and writing in general), you should definitely take a look. The Blood-Red Pencil is a group blog on which professional editors discuss everything from the character creation to grammar to the ins and outs of modern-day writing tools.

Now, I'm not a professional editor, but I am an emerging author with a whole lot of questions. I could just pester these editors individually, but I guess they figured some of my questions might be applicable to a general audience. And so, they've invited me to host a regular feature called Emerging Authors Want To Know!

In the first installment of Emerging Authors Want To Know!, I ask the Exalted Editors about manuscript formatting. I recently submitted my first short story to an online literary magazine, and I regularly went into cold sweats waiting for a response, wondering whether or not I'd formatted the story correctly.

Is proper formatting still as important in the Digital Age as it used to be? Does bad formatting lead to automatic rejection? Find the answers to these questions and more today at The Blood-Red Pencil.
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