Saturday, March 6, 2010

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

I've been enjoying a bit of success as a freelance writer over the past couple of months, and I thought I'd write about my experiences. Good information about the markets I've tried and some of the things I've found useful is enclosed.

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

In addition, I've written more specifically about my experiences with freelance writing for Associated Content and freelance writing for Made Man.

Some of the sites that I'm looking at require actual pitches for articles ( has a well-outlined format for creating pitches, but the format varies depending on your market). So I'm brushing up on my pitching skills. Here is an article that I found useful: The Ultimate Article Pitch.

And here is some more information about pitching articles (sure, it's for print publications, but the principles are the same): How to Pitch Freelance Artircles to Print Publications.


AC Darnell said...

Glad to see that you're off to a good start on Associated Content. Would definitely like to hear more about your experience moving forward.

-Darnell, AC Community Mgr

Emma Larkins said...

Thanks for the props! And thanks for stopping by!