Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Requiem For A Friend Named Dave

I had some sad news last week. A person who was an important part of my college experience passed away. No, he wasn't a professor, an advisor, or a fellow student. He was Super Dave.

According to this article, his real name was Dave Hahn, . You might wonder why he had a whole article written about him in the newspaper. Was he a celebrity? No. Did unusual events surround his life or death? Not really. He was, however, an integral member of the Stanford community.

I first met Super Dave while playing in the drum section of the LSJUMB - aka Leland Stanford Junior (pause) University Marching Band. The band in general, and the drums in particular, were favorites of Super Dave, who was himself an accomplished drummer. He also worked at the dining hall of a dorm I lived in for a couple of years. I remember how he'd smile and hug me whenever he saw me. He'd say things like, "Man, you are lookin' mighty fine today!" or "Hello, beautiful." Coming from anyone else, it would have been odd, but Super Dave said it with such innocent sincerity that it always made my day. He had a selflessness and passion for life that made him unlike anyone else I've ever met.

Super Dave never wrote a novel or starred in a movie (although he was an aspiring musician). He wasn't famous outside of Palo Alto. He probably will never have any buildings named after him. But he was a good person, someone who brought happiness to the lives of everyone who knew him. And because of that, he deserves to be remembered.

We'll miss you, Super Dave.
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