Friday, August 15, 2008

Tamora Pierce and Community Fridays

Last night I met Tamora Pierce for the first time at a reading/book signing in Greenmount, MD.

This was quite an experience for me! I've never met an author before who I've followed so avidly for so many years. I don't know if authors are considered 'celebrities' in the traditional sense, but I think that devoted readers will understand when I say that I shook in my shoes and could barely manage to speak a word in her presence.

Growing up, I spent more time in the worlds created by Tamora and others like her than I did in the real world. It was probably one of the main influencing factors in my decision to become a writer.

At the event, Tamora read from her upcoming book Bloodhound, sequel to Terrier. In addition, she discussed a little about how she ended up as an author, her love for all things living (including anthropomorphic logs) and her extensive research techniques. Seriously, if you ever want to know anything about world histories or cultures, just stop by one of her readings and ask her a question!
If you love fantasy of any sort, and you haven't yet read any of her books, you should definitely check her out!

Also - stay tuned for a new upcoming feature on my blog, Community Fridays! In this feature, you'll hear from a bunch of great people in the writing and publishing communities. I already have some terrific talent lined up, so get ready!
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