Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Get a Book Published (Successfully!) and Squidoo

So I just learned about a great new online tool called Squidoo. Squidoo allows you to create mini-websites, or "lenses," about one or more subjects that interest you. For example, if you wanted you could create one lens for Ultimate Frisbee tactics, one for cooking with zucchinis, and (of course) one with tips for writers. Blogs usually work better if they focus on one topic so that you build a good readership in your niche. However, with lenses, you can create as many as you like on any topic you want, and best of all they're free! (Plus much less hassle than buying a bunch of URLs and setting up websites manually.)

My first lens is titled "How to Get a Book Published (Successfully!)" In the lens, I'm not going to provide any hidden tips and tricks of the publishing world, because I don't know any. But I will tell you the best ways I know to make sure that you can make a living off of your wonderful words once you actually do get published.

Thanks to Tiffany Dow for her excellent article that led me to this site!
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