Thursday, July 3, 2008

Turn Words Into Money - An Easy(ish) Way To Write For Cash

Now, maybe you want to have your stories published in a magazine or have your novel published, and maybe it would be enough for you to have your name in print and not to get any compensation for it. However, most of us need some amount of money to get along in this world, and wouldn't it be nice if you could make it doing one of the things you love? Imagine seeing your name in print, AND getting paid for it! It's the best of both worlds.

So you'd like to turn your passion for writing into a side income, or even a full income. How do you start? You can submit your short fiction, poems or non-fiction stories to magazines (which I encourage you to do, regardless). But these don't often pay, and when they do, they don't pay a lot. If you want to make some decent money from writing, and you've yet to publish your best-selling novel, you've got two choices: get a job that involves writing, or freelance.

Personally, I like the freelance option because it allows you to try out different projects to find what suits you best, and it lets you test out the waters of writing for profit before you commit your whole life to it. And freelancing is easier than ever now that it's moved online, through sites such as Elance.
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