Tuesday, April 15, 2008

About Gre

My fifteen minutes a day is paying off! I'm almost to 13,000 words already. Which means that, if 50,000 words a novel makes, I'm more than 1/5 of the way there!

Since The Hidden Land of Gre started me on my current adventure, I thought I'd put a little synopsis here to whet your appetites (also available on my website ).

The Hidden Land of Gre is set in Gre, a world between the worlds of Day (aka Lume) and Night (aka Nock). Long ago, enemies of the Grelings stole the source of Greling power. In return for not destroying the source, the enemies demanded the right to all male Greling children, whom they enslaved. To preserve their race, the Grelings began a tradition of kidnapping human boys from Lume.When the book starts, the tradition has fallen out of favor because the humans have grown fearful and destructive of the dim places that overlap with Gre into which their children disappear. A Greling named Elish defiantly resurrects the tradition by catching Cade when he ventures alone into the forest near his school, and thus their adventures begin...

Stay posted for more about The Hidden Land of Gre!

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