Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Upcoming Guests and Humble Pie

Another short one today, I've been spending a lot of time poking around in one of the worlds I'm creating for a story (a futuristic city in which debates are held using dance instead of words), so not much time for blogging.

First, a heads-up on some upcoming guests. I've mentioned that Jean Henry Mead will be here this Friday for her blog book tour. And the week after that, Marvin Wilson, who you've probably seen lurking around the comments section here, will also stop by on HIS blog book tour for his spiritual novel, Owen Fiddler. Marvin is an all-around wonderful guy, fun to be around, always willing to lend an ear, and somewhat of a rogue in his field. On December 12 he'll share his thoughts on writing, spirituality, and Christmas.

And now, a bit about my big slice of humble pie. Hey emerging authors, want to get a reality check on your latest project? Get in touch with an author who has been publishing for a while, teaches workshops on writing, and holds no punches. Conferences and conventions work great for this. Then, have said author critique your work. It's completely different from doing a group critique among peers. Note: do this only if you're willing to make a complete writing overhaul. You'll realize how far you have to go, but hopefully, you'll have a clearer idea of how to get there.
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