Monday, November 10, 2008

Six Book Things Tag

Okay, I'm in Indianapolis traveling for business, and I have to get up early, so I think I'll go back and do one of the memes. I've been tagged a couple of times recently, one by author Morgan Mandel and one by author Chris Redding (if I missed you, let me know, and I'll include you!) I've done the regular six things, so this is going to be six book things you didn't know about me.

Here's how this works: I list six book-related things about myself, then I tag six people, and they do the same! If they want, of course.

1.) I was an avid reader as a child. My earliest reading memories were of reading Grimm's Fairytales and Little House on the Prairie at six years old. I know, quite a combination, right?

2.) I actually enjoyed reading Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky when it was assigned reading.

3.) This might sound weird, but I love the smell of books. That's one of my favorite parts of walking into a large library, the smell of pages upon thousands of pages of knowledge and new worlds.

4.) I love children's books. I'll often read them when I find them lying around doctor's offices, bookstores, friend's houses. There is no shame in losing yourself in Dr. Seuss or Roger Hargreaves (author of the Mr. Men and Little Misses series).

5.) When I was younger, I didn't stay up all night watching late-night movies or partying with friends. No, I stayed up all night reading books. I still remember the sensation of getting so lost in a book that I'd barely notice the sky starting to lighten.

6.) This is actually a repeat of something I read at Heather's Age 30+: A Lifetime of Books blog. Like Heather, I pronounce words incorrectly because I've only read them, never said them. For example, I truly, honestly have pronounced pseudonym "p-swedo-nim." Yes, NOW I know the p is supposed to be silent!

To make this interesting, and because my blog buddies will probably not be happy for more tags, I will switch this over to Twitter Tag. Here are my tagees:

@janesutton, author of newly released book The Ride - Jane's Blog
@holly_tucker, author and college professor - Holly's Blog
@AccomplishWoman, author, photographer, economist, etc! - Accomplished Woman's Blog
@jacquelynsylvan, author of Surviving Serendipity - Jacquelyn's Blog
@vbright, writer and thrifty grandma - Veronica's Blog
@fuzzyredrobe, writer with 25 years experience - Cindy's Blog

And if you'd rather do another meme, that's fine with me too!
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