Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bibliocrunch Twitter #Indiechat for Self-Published Authors: My Takeaway

I participated in a great Twitter conversation hosted by Bibliocrunch on Tuesday called #indiechat. We ended up discussing all sorts of topics, but the main conversation centered around how to ask book bloggers for reviews on their sites.

On Blog Book Tours

A "blog book tour" is an online, promotional event during which an author schedules "appearances" on a collection of blogs related to authors, writing, the subject matter or genre of his/her book, etc. It's a great way to get people talking about your work, and it can be more effective (and less expensive!) than a "real world" book tour.

Getting spots on your tour isn't about spamming as many book bloggers as you can. It's much better to approach potential hosts with the intention of collaboration, not "What can you do for me?"

On Getting Reviews As an Indie

One of the tricky things about self-publishing is that many reviewers will only deal with traditional publishers. During #indiechat, we talked about some of the ways to get around this issue.

On Innovative Promotion Methods

Hafsah of IceyBooks had a great suggestion for getting exposure without having to convince bloggers to read your novel:

Interested in checking out the next conversation? Find info for the April 9th #indiechat here! And let me know if you have any questions about how to participate in Twitter chats :)


Anonymous said...

Glad you learned a lot with Indiechat! I'm very proud of it :)

-Kate Tilton (@Froze8)

Emma Larkins said...

It was an awesome chat, thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you will come to the next one :)! I'll be hosting again and we are talking about crowd funding :)!

-Kate Tilton (@Froze8)