Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Launch Your Book Through Kickstarter Panel on Thursday!

I'm super excited to announce another great event that I'm involved with this Thursday, March 14, in NYC!

I'm working with NY Publishing Innovators to run a panel on Launching Your Book Through Kickstarter. We've got a great group scheduled to speak - Colin P. Druce-McFadden, whose Kickstarted novel The Unshorn Thread is pictured to the right; Brooke Borel, who used Kickstarter to raise funds to help promote her traditionally-published novel, Suck: The Tale of the Bed Bug; Michael J. Wyant, Jr., author of Immortal (The Sundering), who chose to self-publish as a method of short-cutting the traditional publishing route; and Amanda Barbara, the development director at Pubslush (a book-only crowdfunding platform).

We're holding the panel at Wix Lounge, an excellent free coworking and event space provided by free website creation platform Wix. Check out the event info by clicking the NY Publishing Innovators link above, or the Eventbrite ticket widget below. Hope to see you there!

Want to see a Kickstarter project in action? Check mine out here!

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