Friday, April 20, 2012

New! Paid Humor/Gaming Writing Market

I'm thrilled to announce a project I've been putting together for the past couple of months on my blog!

It's called The Prancing Laggard Pub, and it's an online magazine dedicated to bringing readers the funniest and most original gaming-focused humor.

Starting this site has allowed me to seek out great writers, help them get publicity, and best of all, pay them! I love giving talented writing professionals exposure, and helping them support themselves with their craft.

So, what makes this site similar to/different from other humor and/or gaming sites? Well, I've definitely taken inspiration from my experience of writing for Cracked; I love how much emphasis that site puts on being original and insightful (and, of course, entertaining at the same time). Compared to other video-game based sites, such as Kotaku or IGN, we're less interested in sharing the latest and greatest news and reviews than in coming up with funny ways to talk about our shared passion for gaming. In addition, we're an all-inclusive publication: we're just as interested in featuring humorous articles about tablet games, casual gaming, card games, LARPing, and tabletop gaming as we are in featuring articles about hardcore gaming and the latest n' greatest FPS.

To read more about the origins of Prancing Laggard, visit the site's About page.

Interested in writing for this paying market? Click here to go to the online submission interest form, and we'll send you a copy of the submission guidelines.
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