Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May 2011 Goals Recap

Wow, May was intense... more productive than I'd hoped in some ways, and less productive in others.
  1. Write at least 17 Weird Worm articles. Phew, only managed to do eight. Then again, moving totally threw me off. I'm going to have to recommit for next month!
  2. Continue to exercise. Well, I've been spending more time outside, but not exactly "exercising" very much.
  3. Work on writing four hours per day. Again, the move made me lose focus.
  4. Fully explore niche online markets. The Best Kinect Games niche isn't doing quite as well as I'd hoped. I might do a little more work here in the coming months.
  5. Explore new article markets. This actually worked out surprisingly well for me! Sticking with the writing has paid off, as I've been approached by a new market called Trail's Edge Blog. My first article for them is called 5 Tips For Buying Your First Running Shoes, and you should check it out because it's funny and informative and sweet (if I do say so myself).
  6. Move. At least this went pretty smoothly. I got to drive one of those enormous U-Haul trucks for three hundred miles, which was quite an adventure. And now I'm prepared for the next stage in my life journey! If "being prepared" is the same as having all of you stuff in boxes and not being able to find any of it, that is...
Stay tuned for June's goals (I know, time to get cracking!)

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