Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Year, New Writing Goals

I suppose it's a little past the time for making New Year's resolutions, but these aren't exactly resolutions... they're goals. Things that I have solid plans in place for how to achieve them, that I'm reasonably certain I can stick to. Writing goals include:
  1. Finishing my editing assignment. I'm working on editing an 86,000 word document as an assignment for my mentor/author friend. It's not something that's going to be published, but at least I'll know that I can edit a full length manuscript over the course of a couple of months. Deadline for this is in two weeks.
  2. Writing the first draft of the first book in a series that my mentor and I are working out the details for. This will probably be done sometime in March.
  3. Roughing out the plans for the rest of the books in the series, to be done by mid-April.
  4. Editing the first book in the series, to be done by the end of June.
  5. Submitting the book to editors and/or agents and working on sequels for the rest of the year.
  6. Keeping up with writing articles for Weird Worm.
  7. Possibly searching for new paying markets, depending on whether I decide to focus my free time on article writing.
At this time, I don't have plans to edit and submit Mechalarum. I'm happy that I wrote it, and I may come back to it someday, but right now I have bigger fish to fry!

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