Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Writing Humor for Weird Worm

I've recently been doing some stories for Weird Worm, another online site specializing in humor, interesting facts, and general weirdness.

Below are my recent articles. The sensitive among you should note that although Weird Worm is quite a bit more restrained than, say, Cracked.com, some of the articles might still offend some people.

5 Weird Foods or Drinks to Consume on a Hot Day

5 Examples of Rural Entertainment That Could End in Disaster

Six Annoying Chores That Used To Be Much Worse

7 Movie Mentors Who Failed Miserably

If you're a writer, and interested in writing this kind of stuff, I've heard that Weird Worm might be able to use you. Of course I'll have to see some examples of your work before I can recommend you :)

And here, for your viewing pleasure, is a rundown of some of my (wonderful, obviously) recent humor articles:

Cracked: 5 Movie Romances That Won't Last (According to Science)

Regretful Morning: 5 Reasons Your Gaming System is Better than your Girlfriend

Gunaxin: Seven Types of Animal Lawn Ornaments Explained

Read about my Writing Humor for Gunaxin and my Writing Humor for Cracked.com (and Regretful Morning) for more information.

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